secret garden

athens, greece


athens, greece


Bask in the gentle embrace of the summer breeze against your skin... Inhale the hypnotic fragrance of blossoms in the air... Savor the succulent tang of freshly picked tangerines from your own garden...

This captivating wedding editorial was sparked by a single detail: the unique angel's trumpet flower. Its radiant yellow hue inspired a gifted florist, who journeyed across Europe to craft an unforgettable floral arrangement in a secluded Athenian garden. The aim was to blend the intimacy of small weddings with an infusion of editorial charm.

Truly, this project embodies the essence of summer: warm, radiant, with leisurely days melting into picturesque beachside sunsets...

floristic fantasy in summer garden in the south of greece

PHOTOGRAPHER / Tatyana chaiko

RENTALS / Style Box

 CONCEPT & FLORIST / Sweet Kvitka 


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