Odessa, Ukraine


Photo Tatyana Chaiko

Gown Anastasia Bozhko 

Calligraphy Anya Tsymbal

Cake CakeBar 

Bouquet Fleurs

Hair Svetlana Buhtienko 

Makeup Iren Popovich






I captured this minimalist after-wedding shoot for Irene & Vladimir on the same day millions of people were witnessing the royal wedding of Meghan and Harry. Inspired by this historic event, we shot at the old Botanical Garden of Odessa and although we didn’t have either the opulent decor or the expensive jewellery or any guest list to speak of, for me it still felt like working with royalty. 

  Irene was so elegant and delicate in her backless dress that fit her perfectly and Vladimir was so in love with his bride and this is what I consider the most important factor on any wedding shoot. 

The only details we incorporated were a lush bouquet made of green and white flowers, a calligraphy invitation suite with decadent gold ink on black and the wedding cake with just a little touch of floral decoration. We decided not to add any more details and keep all the attention on what was really important - love and happiness! Besides, the locations became decorations themselves: a blooming jasmine bush, fresh green background of ancient trees and - as the cherry on top a breathtaking sunset on a salt lake where the sky reflects in water, creating an absolutely dreamy effect.


Эту послесвадебную съемку для Вовы и Ирочки мы снимали в тот же день, когда миллионы людей с замиранием сердца следили за королевской свадьбой года 2018 - Меган и Гарри. Вдохновленные этим историческим событием, мы выбрали местом для съемки старый Ботанический Сад Одессы, и хоть на съемке не было пышного декора или богатого украшения, и не присутствовало ни одного гостя, для меня эта свадебная история не менее королевская.